Feels Like:

This fabric is not super stretchy. It is meant to drape on the body for a relaxed fit.

The fabric has a soft feel, with small honeycomb patterns for breathability.

About Harvey Muscle Tank:

Say goodbye to the unwanted side boob peep show while working out!

And you know what?… Also said goodbye to weird holes in weird places on your clothing.

We will also never sell you half of a shirt.

Why pay for half of a shirt, when you can get a FULL-SIZE shirt for the same price?!

Not only does this tank have your side boobs covered, with a curved hem cut, but it also covers that bootay as well.

Best Used For:

  • Kicking Ass
  • Looking Good
  • Gym workouts, running, hiking, cycling, and any other badass active (and sweaty) skills that you may enjoy.


  • AlphaTek Honeycomb reversible
  • (Yes, you could technically wear it inside out, just know that the stitching might not look the same).
  • 50% cationic polyester / 50% polyester
  • Weight: 160 gsm

Feels Like:

This material has a smooth “silky” feel to it. (It has a totally different texture/feel than the Harvey Muscle Tank.)

The material has more stretch but also a slightly tighter fit.

It WILL still drape off the body and NOT fit like a compression shirt, but just know that it has the feel of an actual performance tee.

About AOC Performance TEE:

We told you we wouldn’t ever sell you half of a shirt.


The AOC Performance Tee has a high-cut v-neck, allowing for comfortable movement without letting your goodies hang out.

The sleeves drop just below the shoulder, which lets you show off the gun show, but not feel like T-rex during your kick-ass activities.

The curved hem in the front and back allows for full coverage of your bootay. Whether you are deadlifting or picking up your pooch, no peep show here.

Best Used For:

  • Kicking ass, obviously.
  • Working out, running, cycling, hiking, yoga, and any other sweaty activities.
  • Petting dogs.


  • RECYCLED polyester spandex tricot
  • 82% RECYCLED polyester / 18% spandex
  • Weight: 230gsm

About RBG Short with Liner:

Raise your hand if your inner thighs eat your shorts? Yeah, us too.

And what’s the deal with all women’s shorts being 3″ in length? Do they think that we want our tacos on display for the world to see while we are doing our badass activities?

The only taco show we support is with guacamole on Taco Tuesdays.

To fix those problems, we created a 5″ short (omg!) and a built-in 6″ liner (another omg!)

Here’s the kicker: REAL freakin’ pockets. FULL pockets in the front that can fit your cell phone, chapstick, AND keys.

And the BONUSbuilt-in cell phone pocket on the short liner.

So, if you’re tired of giving free taco shows, while all of your sh** is falling out of your pockets, THESE ARE THE SHORTS FOR YOU.

Best Used For:

  • Doing badass things.
  • Looking and feeling good.
  • Gym workouts, running, hiking, paddle boarding, petting dogs, and any other sweaty activities.


  • *Top short: 80% micro polyester / 20% spandex (Matte Nylon Spandex Tricot) *Weight: 220 gsm
  • *Short liner: 80% nylon / 20% spandex tricot *Weight: 200 gsm


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