(She/Her) Founder

As a personal trainer, former collegiate athlete, avid mountain biker, dog mom, and part of the LGBTQ+ community, it has been incredibly hard to find clothing that not only represents my style and identity but something that actually fits my body.

I was so tired of crop tops, 3″ shorts, and nude leggings. Or how about those extra long men’s shirts, the shorts that get eaten by inner thighs, and tank tops that reveal more side boob than a Saturday night. Ugh.

Sound familiar???

You don't always have to be motivated, but you can always be dedicated

This brand will be about taking those badass shorts designed for men, with pockets (that don’t fit wide hips), the drop-cut performance tees (that are too long), and the muscle cut tanks (that show your side-boob) and tailoring them to those of us who have CURVES. And hips. And glutes.  And ASSETS.

It’s not just about me. It’s about US.

This brand won’t be about 3″ shorts, crop tops, and shirts that have weird holes that show off things in weird places.

To those who have felt uncomfortable, frustrated, left in the shadows, and unseen.

Join me on this mission to create a brand that fills the gap

for those of us who…don’t want thigh gap


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